1. Be true to yourself when creating your Introvert Dating profile. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Fill your Introvert Dating profile with activities you enjoy doing even if you think they won’t be popular. The only way to find someone truly compatible is when you are honest!
  2. Reach out to someone first if they look like an amazing match for you. Even if you’re a very introverted single, remember, most likely the other person is too! Things are as scary for them as they are for you.
  3. Don’t worry if a person doesn’t respond right away. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Don’t feel discouraged as there are thousands of sincere singles on Introvert Dating UK searching for somebody just like you.
  4. Meet up at a place you will feel calm and relaxed. If you don’t enjoy loud places such as bars, don’t feel obliged to meet there. Introverts will often do things even if they know they won’t enjoy it. Choose a location that makes you feel comfortable like a quiet park or a relaxed cafe.

Use the above introvert dating tips and remember – the person of your dreams might be just around the bend!

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