There are many personality traits introverts exhibit, however, some of the more prominent ones are listed below

  1. Introverts enjoy being alone. Their idea of a good time is some quiet time to themselves to enjoy their favourite pastimes. Some time alone with their favourite TV show, or a good book are great ways to help them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They may enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, however, afterwards they will most likely feel the need to retreat to a quiet place to spend some quality alone time.
  2. Introverts usually have a small group of friends who they are very close with. Most introverts don’t like the idea of having a large group of friends that they barely know – they often prefer closeness and familiarity.
  3. It is easy for an introvert to be happy. Introverts don’t need much to feel happy and content. They would rather stay at home and enjoy some peace and quiet than go out and socialise somewhere frantic and overwhelming.

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